Stacy Post

Photograph by Jennifer Shelhart

Stacy Post resides in the flatlands of Indiana with her husband and three kids.  Her third grade teacher taught her how to write haiku when she couldn’t sit still.  (Thank you, Mrs. Harris!)  She credits her grandfather, who recited poetry whenever she sat on his lap, for giving her the ear for wordplay.  She has been in love with language ever since.  Her short fiction has appeared in Referential Magazine, Rose & Thorn Journal, Every Day Fiction and WOW! Women on Writing. Her poetry has appeared in Every Day Poets, Haiku Headlines and Skylark. Her first chapbook, Sudden Departures, will be published by Finishing Line Press in 2013. She holds a Master’s degree in Library Science and works as a librarian surrounded by wonderful books. She blogs at A Writer’s Point of View:

Stacy’s work for Referential:

  1. Thank you so much for a contributor’s page. I love it!

  2. You are welcome! Now you can subscribe to yourself :)

  3. Hey, Stacy – congratulations on your Contributor’s Page! (It’s sort of like we’re neighbors here at Referential.) :)

    Looking forward to reading your poem…

  4. It would be fun if we had like street names or something :)

  5. Yes it would be fun! It reminds me of that song from Sesame Street, Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood…great fun!

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