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These gadgets can help you read more

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A good book is a perfect companion when you want to spend your free time in a relaxing way. This hobby is accessible and has many benefits: it helps you gain knowledge, improves your vocabulary, unleashes your creativity and opens your mind.

Through a book, you can step into fantasy world anywhere: at home, at the beach, in public transport or in the park. This means that you can read your favorite novel whenever you feel like it. Sometimes, a little help could be necessary, especially if you are up for some bedtime reading and you don’t want to disturb your partner.

In any case, if you are looking for gadgets that can expand your reading time and make it even more enjoyable, you have come to the right place. We have some cool ideas and they can serve as inspiration even when you want a gift for a bookaholic.

  1. An e-book reader is the best way to have an entire library with you anywhere. This device is easy to use and carry, so you can upload many literary and non-literary writings on it, according to your needs;
  2. Illuminating reading glasses – like the name says, this gadget combines the glasses you usually use for reading with a book lamp, so you will have a practical object that helps you notice details and small letters (on maps, for example);
  3. The clip-on reading light – like the above mentioned reading glasses, it is perfect when you want to read in bed without disturbing your partner. You can attach the clip on your regular glasses or pyjamas, switch it on and enjoy the moment;
  4. A book light is another useful gadget if you like to read at night; you can choose your favorite from various available options and many of them can be attached with a clip;
  5. A bookmark is a must-have if novels are among your best friends. On the market you will see them in all shapes and sizes; you can even buy digital ones, so check them and buy one or more;
  6. A reading magnifying glass is another useful gadget; people who face some eyesight issues use it with books, magazines or newspapers;

  1. Book-shaped lamps will stimulate you to read more and more every day; when you see them shining, you simply can’t help it!
  2. If you have always dreamed that you are a character from your favourite story, now you can be one if you ‘live’ in a book-shaped tent. If this doesn’t put you in the right mood, what will?
  3. The adequate reading atmosphere can be created in a quiet, relaxing place. You can get your senses in the proper mood by using thematic scented candles; you can choose one or more from various shapes, colours and flavors.

In this article, we only mentioned a few gadgets that can improve your reading moments, but, of course, there are more. Start looking for yours and keep loving books!


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