Two Poems

For day 2 of National Poetry Month, we have 2 poems by Liz Dolan. You can reach both poems by clicking on her name which takes you to her Referential author page. You can also link directly to the two poems here: Faithless Husband and Ordinary Things-Lewes,1942 but don’t forget that these poems refer to other pieces. Look for “Faithless Husband” to refer from the word horse in the poem divorce: second anniversary and “Ordinary Things-Lewes, 1942” to refer from the word casket in the story Madeline in Her Coffin. If that doesn’t keep you busy today don’t forget we are open year round for referred material (see guidelines tab) and right now we are also reading for a new piece to be featured in May.

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  1. These two poems by Liz Dolan exemplify the power of word economy combined with clear, concise images. Each poem drew me in, held me there and stayed with me afterward. Wow!

  2. We are very glad you appreciation the concision. That is what drew us to the poems when they were submitted as well! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Bless your heart,Lynn. Liz

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