Karyn’s First Art Piece

Yesterday I introduced you to our newest contributor Karyn Eisler. Today I am thrilled to release her first piece of art.  The piece, seen here, is titled White Out. You can also view it along with the poem it refers to by Rose Auslander titled This. And this is the last post of April. Last post of National Poetry month and last post of the current featured reading period. Check our guidelines tab since we read year round for referred material but our featured consideration for May will end tonight at midnight EST!

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  1. Karyn, I am so happy your White Out is appearing with my poem. Beautiful 🙂

  2. Thanks, Rose:-) When I read your piece –This — several things stood out:

    1. the gravity, the weight of it
    2. the previously refered words, ‘we have no words for this’
    3. the word ‘snow’

    Right away, I thought of my snow image, for several reasons:

    1. the wet, heavy, west coast snow
    2. at sea level, in the city, we just don’t get snow like this, but we did, and there ‘were no words’ to account for it
    3. the snow, perfect flakes, not melting ….

  3. I’m so happy to have such great artwork to go with a terrific poem and I love hearing how the connections were made Karyn!

  4. Karyn, I love all the things you connected to in my poem. My younger daughter is a visual artist, and This was written partly in frustration over what she can draw that I can’t write. Perfect that it comes full cycle with the posting of your work 🙂

  5. I love a good full circle moment 🙂

  6. This is so interesting, Rose. After reading your comment above, I went to read “This” again, in a whole new way. I had pictured a different scenario entirely. Now, when I read it, I get two stories in one:-)

  7. Sometimes my stuff has a (more or less hidden) technical motivation that (at least for me) is interwoven with what is being said (which may seem quite unrelated). Karyn, I’m glad you were able to see both without too much confusion . . .

  8. i love when a piece of writing and/or object of art in general takes on a new life in a reader. this discussion is great 🙂

  9. …it is always interesting to hear about different readings of a work, since there there are surely as many interpretations as readers … and on top of that, the interpretation(s) and motivation(s) of the producer I always find interesting to know, so thanks for sharing that Rose …

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