Best of the Net Nominees

Choosing which pieces to nominate for Best of the Net is never easy, but at least this year I had input from my other editors. Even so, it was still extremely difficult.

Referential Magazine has nominated 2 short fiction pieces and 6 poems. Here they are in arbitrary order:

Congratulations to all our nominees! And I hope they don’t mind but I’d like to give a shout out to the Shape of a Box nominees I sent in this year as well. The Shape of a Box blogsite will eventually be taken down in favor of a new more permanent site (The YouTube site will always remain where it is). Shape is not completely gone but resting.

From Shape, I nominated 5 poems, 1 piece of fiction and one non-fiction

  • First Poem: Watching Brokeback Mountain in Little Rock by Bryan Borland
  • Second Poem: Heavyweights by Erin Keane
  • Third Poem: Dreaming of Visiting Cuba with Orlando Bloom by Rane Arroyo
  • 4th and 5th Poems by Eddie Dowe: Bank Robber’s Note and Burden
  • Fiction: Tell me a lullaby if you cannot sing; tell me a story if you don’t know a lullaby by Aly Robalino
  • Non-fiction: Time Tested, Culture Approved by Melanie Faith

Congratulations again to all the nominees across both journals! And tomorrow we’ll be back with some new writing, perhaps some fiction 🙂

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  1. Came here via Val Russell, look forward to browsing around your site.

  2. So glad you joined us, Cindy!

  3. Hi Jessie… Also found your site through Val. Congratulations on a great initiative! Nice to see some familiar faces getting the exposure they deserve.

  4. Thanks, Janine! This is how we find more readers: word of mouth 🙂 (Ah the many ways we can refer!)

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