Flash Nonfiction

We received two flash nonfiction pieces this week from our first fiction author, Dawn Corrigan. As I suspect most folks are, I’m new to the idea of flash nonfiction as a subgenre. I emailed my overbearing and slightly tyrannical managing editor and asked if we accepted ultrashort nonfic and her response was a condescending version of “yes.”

Fair enough.

Though I hadn’t considered flash fic/nonfic in this press format, the smaller word count – 750 to 1000 words, typically, fits well with the online journal/magazine in a way a 10,000 word essay simply doesn’t. Short pieces like these are easily read on the portable electronic device of choice – iPad, iPhone, Android, etc – and doesn’t require the time commitment four or five well-reasoned pages of a persuasive essay might. That said, the form lends itself well to capturing a moment, a thought, or a feeling in the same way a poem can – the “Abiding Image” that Cathy Smith Bowers tells us about in approaching her work.

Which begs the question, what is the difference between a short nonfiction piece well written and a prose poem?

—Carl Eugene Moore


About Carl Eugene Moore

Carl Eugene Moore holds an MBA in Accounting & Finance, an MBA in Health Care Management, an MFA in Creative Writing, and is currently doing his doctoral work in Health Administration with a focus on Health Informatics and Health Care Quality. He has poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and photography published and is currently the nonfiction editor for a literary magazine and a feature editor for an academic journal. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Health and Medical Informatics, Health Care Finance, Rick Management in Health Care, Project Management in Health Care, and English.

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  1. I am SOOO overbearing 🙂

  2. I think this is a really great idea. There’s a lot of us who write flash creative nonfiction or memoir, and there’s not a huge market for it!

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