How Do You Read?

There are so many debates about print versus online publications, which got me thinking: how do you guys read Referential? Do you read us on a desktop, laptop, iPhone, other mobile device? Would you like to see us in print, online PDF etc?

Love to hear from you! Have a great weekend 🙂

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  1. Hi Jessi — as you know, I am a rabid Referential fan! I mostly read it on my desktop. Sometimes I try to catch it on my Blackberry, but that screen’s a bit small. I do print out longer pieces to carry around with me on paper, so some kind of clean print option would be nice. Or maybe something intravenous 🙂

  2. I’m just picturing a little Referential IV pouch 🙂 I really would like to get together some kind of PDF or other txt version, but I don’t have a lot of the software and/or no how for it. Perhaps my non-fiction/tech guru editor can get on that…

  3. Hi Jessie, I normally read it on my laptop or iPad depending upon where I’m at. I think a PDF version would be nice. I love technology and all, but I really love paper in my hands. 😉

    Happy Friday! Andrea

  4. Richard Allen Taylor

    I ususally read Referential on a laptop, but sometimes on my iPod, which has a nice zoom feature that let’s me make the text as large as I want. Like most, I like having my work appear in a print/paper book or magazine but I like Referential on-line, as both an author and a reader. It’s unique, it fills a niche that was previously unoccupied, and it never gets buried under a pile of unread books. I also like your email prompts. If I can’t get to them right away, I can save them in my in-box until I have time to read a poem or two or check out the new art. I love what you’re doing with this e-zine. It’s absolutely top-notch and somehow manages to exude the same charm over the net that you bring to face-to-face interactions.

  5. You guys are so kind! I really would like to do a print “best of” kind of thing at some point and/or a regular PDF file. It would take a way, a bit, from the click through referral portion but it could still have that choose your own adventure feel…

  6. Paris Elizabeth Sea

    I read on my desktop. I usually click through from the email links. Saving paper and ink are important to me, so I wouldn’t make use of a PDF file, unless to send it electronically to someone. Often I send people a link by email. They can experience the whole interconnectedness of the work that way. When we have chips installed in our brains, I want mine hardwired to connect me to Referential.

  7. Thanks, Paris! I like the idea of paper but for my project it does seem it would be difficult to do an effective non electronic version. I have considered doing a kind of art exhibit 🙂

  8. I read on my desktop and love that, but love paper too . .. to read late at night in bed or take with me when I have to wait awhile. 🙂 Now I can’t wait to see what your creative mind is up to! Thanks for all of it, Jessie!

  9. Sometimes on my laptop, and sometimes on printouts; I’m not always in the mood to have my machine with me, and I find it easier to “talk back” to a piece of writing via paper and pen (i.e., scribbling my responses in the margines) rather than onscreen (though when on the road and without easy access to a printer, I will sometimes paste a poem into an e-mail or Word doc, and intersperse my own riffs among its lines in a different color.

  10. I love to hear that some people are printing off some Referential. Does it work well printed?

    And Peg – Don’t you love track changes? Has to be one of the best features ever 🙂

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