Friday Wrap-Up

Ok, I’m supposed to be off the computer at 6. It is 5:56 so let’s see if I can do this fast!

  • Submitted: 5 things including a solicited essay, some pics, a story and a fiction and poetry chapbook! Thought I’d give them a try.
  • Accepted: 2 stories! Which prompted me to finally put together that fiction chapbook this afternoon and get it out. Only thing I’m nervous about the chapbook is that it is the right amount of pages. I double-spaced because you generally do with prose but it didn’t specify…
  • Rejected: 2 but one with ink.

So, I did a few submissions and I did some much needed shoe and clothes shopping today but I am terribly, terribly in need of some quality time with my grading, my friends and perhaps even then pen…

Here’s to the weekend! Sorry for the short update 🙂


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  1. Hey, I like short! You packed a lot into the post and into your week. 2 stories accepted . . .wow! And all the submissions. . .more wow! Wow is a short word and you have lots of wow-factor. 🙂
    Hope your weekend is good to you!

  2. Sorry guys meant this for my blog! Not sure what happened but not gonna delete. Too tired for that 🙂

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