Where Do You Find Us?

As I move towards streamlining our operation, I want to know where you find us? We now have a Google + page but if you look on the right hand side bar you will see we have Twitter, Facebook etc.

So, how do you find us? Do you use one of those sources? Do you subscribe to these blog postings? Would you like there to be a weekly email?

Readers we want to hear from you! How do you want to find us 🙂

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  1. I am getting your daily email, but would like the option of a weekly.

  2. Thanks for responding, Rita. If you are receiving daily notifications that is actual via our blog subscription feature. I don’t currently send emails. We will be moving over to a M,W,F publication schedule in the fall (I believe) so that will be a bit fewer 🙂

  3. I subscribe to the blog and really love that. It helps me know what’s new and refers me back to things I haven’t read yet to! Thanks Jessie!

  4. Jessie — I get Referential in my inbox. Any other way and I wouldn’t check it because of time constraints, but in my inbox, I’ll take the time.


  5. So far it seems everyone follow through here or word of mouth. Interesting. Makes me want to ask the same question about social networking for myself as a writer!

  6. As I thought more about it, I have to agree. Having the e-mail notifications from the blog posts helps me keep tabs the best. When I get busy with work, it’s easiest to go back through my e-mail later to find what I’ve missed.

    I notice the Facebook/Twitter updates, sometimes link from there and share, but if I’m away for several days that’s easier to miss altogether due to the nature of social networking. E-mail is a more permanent reminder for those of us who may not have the time and schedule to keep up with it on a daily basis.

  7. It seems that more people do come to the site via the email subscription option which does make me wonder: why do I have a twitter and Facebook page for the mag? Hmm

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