Meet Our Spring 2012 Interns

We’ve had a variety of editors since Referential has been publishing, but this spring was the first time we welcomed interns into the fold. They did a fantastic job of voting for both referred and featured submissions received during our last featured reading period.

After they voted they worked with one of the managing editors before final decisions were rendered as to what would be published in upcoming issues. A managing editor read EVERY submissions that came in along with the interns.

Some of the interns will continue to work on the magazine through May as the work they accepted is prepared and published in the magazine. Their work has been greatly appreciated and they now have their own Spring 2012 Intern page on the website. Congratulations to the students of Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s Eng 126-450 for their hard work!

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  1. Great work! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Referential Magazine and Jessie for allowing us the opportunity to indulge in this (behind the scene) experience as editors. Being able to participate gave me a better understanding of what editors look for in work submitted. In turn, this will help me tremendously as I write and edit my own work prior to submitting it for publishing consideration in the future. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks, Kathie! Your fellow editors had great things to say about the work you did as well 🙂

  4. Brooke bullock

    Yeah buddy creative juices are flowing like a stream I love this class!

    Halfrican over and out!!

  5. You should send in a photo and bio so everyone on the web will know your awesome self 🙂 — oh yeah and for points!

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