Welcome new contributor Janeen Rastall and her three new poems:

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  1. michaelscottcain

    Hi Andrea,Here are a couple that leap off of Jeanine Rastell’s Form 29-D.– Michael Scott Cain Evening It is the quiet time between dusk and the lightingof the street lamps. I am alone on the street.A presence glides up behind me but when I turn my field of vision is as empty as a finished beer.Still, something is there with me. A single tree sways in the breeze,its rustling leaves appear to call my name. The Presence A presence follows me home,through the door into the warm room.I imagine it rubbing its hands to warm them,”You and I through the ages,” it says. In the morning, a coffee cup,its bottom brown with use,sits in the center of the sink,My notebook is open to a new poem,better than any of mine.

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