Pet Shop Girls

Pet Shop Girls

by Doug Bond

“Although many people think that Albinos change during their life, they actually don’t.” Metzger had been talking to the lady with the pigtailed girls for a long time. After some more back and forth she freaking said yes. Her husband would be in touch to arrange delivery. My stomach was in knots.

She was a beauty. Not the lady. No, she was a snub nosed lizard like her pissy kids. Janine was the beauty. I’d been riding my bike to the shop all summer, since the day she arrived back in June. Metzger noticed me hanging around, said, “Hey kid, I want you to meet Janine.”

She was incredible. Not at all slimy. Smooth. I felt how strong she was. Then she began to move. Metzger pulled me off, not nervous, just moved in. “She wants to wrestle,” he said. Then he laughed, “Can’t be responsible for losing another kid that way.”

When the snout lady went to the register, her little oinkers stayed by the cage, squealing looking in at Janine. I walked up and told them, “She uncoils 15-foot, weighs in at over 170 pounds.”

“We know,” they said, both of them with their tongues practically sticking straight out at me.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “What else do you know!”

The fatter one said, “Her name’s Janine and she’s a Pure White Albino Anaconda.”

The other said, “My Mom’s buying her right now.”

I looked into the enormous glass tank. Janine slid down close. I could swear she was looking right at the girls, the dots of her eyes darting back and forth between them.

-refers to the phrases “The girl at the register” in Erin Fitzgerald’s After Pamela.

  1. Doug, what a well done story! Great descriptive and dialogue elements. Good setting and the subjects iunique. One of the best of yours I’ve read. Janine? HaHa. Good for you.

  2. We are glad you enjoyed it, David 🙂

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