The Beach

The Beach

by Craig Fishbane

When I was in Thailand, I had to visit the Beach. The beach from “The Beach.” Not the beach in the book “The Beach.” That beach is actually on the other coast. This beach, the beach from the movie “The Beach,” is the beach that I wanted to see, since it’s the beach that I saw in the movies. Before I snorkeled in the Caribbean, before I went dolphin-watching in Costa Rica, I had gazed at the sands of the Beach, and now I was gaping at those same dunes again, as if for the first time. Me and a thousand other Cineplex castaways, stranded for the afternoon like beached whales, each of us searching for a beach of our own.

-refers from Meeting the Devil in Myrtle Beach outside Woody’s, Hwy 17 by Alice Osborn

  1. Yes, we’re all Robinson Crusoe on the shore of our imagination, where the infinate sea meets the sands of longing, but you said it so much better. Well done — again.


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