Red, White and Blue

Red, White, and Blue

Poem by Annmarie Lockhart
Art by Karyn Eisler

See that? That right there.
That might have been it.
Might have been perfect.
Could have been
The One.
Had it only been red.
Hot, orange-blue red.
With that swing and that
shimmer, but with that
heat-and-eat color. Yes.
That would have been it.

I’d have worn it like
a second skin, paired it
with flirty heels,
and, of course,
a hat because they are
getting married in a church
after all. White
church, white wedding, white
souls scrubbed spotless. As if
there hadn’t been a me. As if
there will not be a little him.
They must not be afraid
of retribution
like I am.

The fabric is fine, the cut
divine. And the color,
it’s true, is sublime. Ocean
over flame? I still need to name
him; I’m thinking of Sky.
Thank you, I’ll take it. For a
beach party, yes, but not till
next summer, on a sunny
bright day and the sea dyed
to match. Not a wedding, no,
but a christening, yes.
Blue is the color of water.

-refers to photo Devil in a Blue Dress by Scot Siegel

  1. Perfect! I love “I’m thinking of Sky” That really pulls it back to blue — sky and sea, water for christening and blue sky for optimism, summer, and moving on into the bright future.

  2. thanks Ray! I was very happy to have Annmarie send me something and something so good? Yeah, awesome 🙂

  3. This is superb. I really love “heat-and-eat color” & “white/ souls scrubbed spotless. As if/ there hadn’t been a me” & “Ocean over flame”. This stands on its own, sort of like the dress, supercharged by the breath of life. -S

  4. Isn’t it wonderful what you inspired Scot!

  5. Annmarie, the voice of the woman in this poem is so vibrant, I fully expected her to emerge from the words and walk off the page and into my sitting room wearing that dress! Damn excellent work that is as alive as I am.

  6. I loved the activity in this one too Val!

  7. Oh, I love that image! It takes the movement from red to white to blue in the poem and makes it visual. And it ties the whole thing back to Scot’s photo. Beautiful!!

  8. So nice to have my image appear with your poem! Right away, the colors connected, then reading your poem, the movement struck me too….moving words and colors and images.

    The image back story is here:

  9. And now I’m trying to remember if Scot’s original picture also had a connection to something else on the site or if it was just such a huge launching pad..hmm

  10. The picture is eye popping and the poem is jaw dropping!

  11. wonderful poetry+art combination. or, to pick up the poetry lines:

    And the combination
    it’s true, is sublime. Flame
    over ocean.

  12. Dorothee you picked my favorite lines 🙂

    Grace – that is an awesome assessment!

  13. Rosalyn Marhatta

    What a very beautiful heartrending poem.

  14. Thank you, Rosalyn 🙂

  15. LOVE the poem Annmarie and of course the artwork! Karen did artwork for mine on here, as well! Two talented ladies together – I like it!

  16. A phenomenal poem by AnnMarie. She never ceases to amaze my. What a treasure she has become to poetic expression for so many.

  17. I love the levels of collaboration that keep on continuing!

  18. What a work of art, of artists, together. Loved it all and all together. 🙂

  19. I can totally hear Annmarie spouting this off at an open mic! Her voice is so clear, but yet we all could be saying this…great work!

  20. Jeanette Gallagher

    Awesome in every sense of the word. Both art and artists. Love every line of Annmarie’s poem.

  21. Charles Price

    I really like the way it flows. It swept me forward to the end.

  22. I agree with E Stelling about Annmarie’s poem as a performance piece. While reading I envisioned it as dialogue in a stage play. Great imagery, rhythmic. Strong art as well.

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