Faithless Husband

 Faithless Husband

by Liz Dolan

She forgets to shovel the shit
from the horse stalls in the barn

until it piles so high she can
hardly bear it. She thinks

of rows of fat tomatoes
she could grow if only she could spread

manure over the fields
so crimson could explode in August heat.

She sees how meekly the horses wait for her
to bring water and sweet feed,

how they miss her warm hands
on their knees, how they forgive her

for not swabbing the corners of their eyes
nor currying burrs from their tails. She longs to get

in her truck and shoot across state lines,
bellow with Tammy Wynette, and forget.

refers to the word horse in Lynn Hoffman’s poem divorce: second anniversary

  1. Perfect marriage of photograph and poem 🙂

  2. Steve, that’s the truck I’ve always wanted.Liz

  3. Oh, I love this. It is one of those poems I wish I had written, myself. So accessible and identifiable.

  4. Appreciate all the great comments! I knew I had to have the poem when Liz sent it in and then to months later to have a perfect picture sent in? Awesome 🙂 These are the days I enjoy being an editor.

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