Magenta & Peridot

Magenta & Peridot

by Rose Hunter

Oh but at least I can say
he lured me back with
gemstones. Against the velvet
the magenta spinel, in step cut
baguette, princess and modified
brilliants – magenta is equal
red and blue with the lime removed
and spinel is card tricks
and me trying to figure out how, after
and this, his birthstone, peridot –

I roll over, sponge-like in these words
or thinking of a green bottle washed ashore
inclusions: what they call flaws in a gem

and magenta, he says, it’s one of those
buzz word colours. So now I understand.
The bougainvillea flowers in the driveway
and the gathering hummingbirds.

refers from the word “magenta” in Laura McCullough’s poem Longing

  1. Love when there is mutual rose admiration 🙂

  2. We need a heart button, Dan 🙂

  3. Hola – thank you! Ha – mutual Rose admiration! There are too few of us (although not in Mexico – Rosas, of course, lots of us here). Most happy and honored to be in the wonderful Referential again. Thank you Jessie. & Happy Christmas time to all. 🙂

  4. Very nice, Rose.

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