Love at the Movies

Love at the Movies

Poem by Jenny Billings
Art by Karyn Eisler

It was cold, dark.
The red velvet seats popped
and grunted, buckled
when we sat down.
You held the popcorn
in your left hand
put the large diet coke,
extra ice between us.
I pushed up the arm rest
snuggled into your pleated sweatshirt.
You offered me a handful
of warm, fresh popcorn
, wrapped
your arm around my shoulders
and covered my knee
with your rough unused napkin.

refers to the phrase “we have no words for this” from Rose Auslander’s poem This

  1. Jenny Billings

    I LOVE the artwork…thank you, Karyn!

  2. My pleasure, Jenny. Your words inspired my submission. Here’s a link to the backstory:

  3. Can’t wait to catch up on the back story! Thanks for blogging about it and for sending in such terrific work 🙂

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