Engaged Couple Goes to the Movies

Engaged Couple Goes to the Movies

by Bryan Borland

You suggested we share
a large soda between us. I said
I’d rather have my own.

You offered me a handful
of warm, fresh popcorn. I warned you
the butter would stain my shirt.

You cried when the girl
ended up with the guy. I laughed
and commented on improbability.

You didn’t say a word
and slept on the couch. I stared
at the ceiling with icicle feet.

refers to the phrase “You offered me a handful of warm, fresh popcorn” from Jenny Billing’s poem Love at the Movies

  1. It’s the perfect recipe for a Bryan Borland poem: a dash of bitter, a splash of humor, and just enough sweet to meld it.

  2. Jenny Billings

    I am honored – thank you. 🙂 It’s great.

  3. Thanks ladies! Love having you guys and the wondrous Bryan as part of Referential 🙂

  4. Bryan Borland

    Annmarie, that sounds like the recipe for some Bryan-cologne! Bittersweet by Bryan!

    Jenny – loved your poem! It made me want popcorn!

    JC – Wondrous, huh? Thank you! 🙂

  5. Believe it. This is totally Bryan!

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