Our Possible Life

Our Possible Life

Poem by Jonathan K Rice
Art by Beebe Barksdale Bruner

Perhaps it was
a travel brochure,
a foreign coin, or a menu
from a Moroccan restaurant.
No, it was a book on Greece.

We mused holding hands
as we stepped through
the gates of stone
and bleach-white churchyards,
sun glistening on cobalt domes.

Our thoughts on the sea,
we stroll through a village
toward surf-battered rocks
as the sun begins to set.
We drink wine at a café
overlooking boats softly

swaying on the water.
Olive trees scattered
on broad hills behind us
rustle in the breeze
as we embrace in a land
not our own.

refers from “white churches” in Scot Siegel’s poem in the absence of stars tonight, gulls

  1. I like this. It fulfills the title’s promise. Rice’s poem transports the mind and revitalizes the soul.

  2. Thanks Scot! I heard Jonathan read this and I knew I had work it referred to and I just had to have it 🙂

  3. Thanks Scot! Thanks Jessie! It’s interesting to see the interconnectedness of art and poetry. Indeed, all the arts come full circle as they relate to one another through the fundamental theme of the human condition…or the mythopoesis, if you will…our desire for meaning…for something more.

  4. This is so perfect together. The art is amazing and the poem too, on their own. Then together . . .ahhhh. Jessie, you are such a good editor to know what you must have!

  5. Appreciate all the great comments. I absolutely love finding art and writing to go together. We paint with words after all don’t we 🙂

  6. EGGSactly, Jessie. Art of any kind with art of any kind including poetry, love it together. I am having such fun with photos/poems.

  7. Glad you like the match, Beebe!

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