Poem by Telly McGaha
Photo by Jeff Smyers

She sauntered in
like a whirlwind,
small and inconspicuous
kicking leaves about
in an otherwise quiet corner.

She offered red, swirled
licorice in her right hand,
blue skirt flailing about her waist.
There was something seductive
about the way red candy twirled
and spun, long and semi-hard,
landing in and wetting her mouth

If I were straight, how could I resist?
But I’m not, so I chose the licorice.

refers to the photograph Devil in a Blue Dress by Scot Siegel

  1. Cool. Though I would have chosen the girl.

  2. The decision between licorice and the girl is an age old question 🙂

  3. Nice. I referred to a line from this for Big Tent Poetry’s excursion here.

  4. I love seeing all these Big Top posts coming through!

  5. Poem and photo perfect match. Great energy, color, design and feel to the photo. Beautiful. I’d like to see more of the photographer’s work

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