–for Robert Wrigley

Poem by J. P. Dancing Bear
Art by Jeff Crouch

In the rocks of your chimney a tree furiously attempts to wriggle to the surface: furious as trees go: in the stones you can sense the souls of dinosaurs: Ingrid Bergman is out on the desert floor watching brontosaur hills: someone is singing “Up on the Roof”: a shoe is thrown again: sometimes when someone lays an egg you can almost see it as a skull with certain absences of light: your cracks itch: in the moonlight a thousand roots cling to Lorca’s forehead: stucco ghosts ponies are rising up into the twilight: this place is without a good breeze: you say: I think we lost Ingrid: Hitchcock wants everyone to sing again: suddenly you have become envious of the escaping tree

refers to the words “music art lit” from I Wanted to Write a Poem by Kirsty Logan

  1. I love the line “sometimes when someone lays an egg”…it is almost an apology for human failure that occurs practically everyday, we accept, and move on. What a great poem.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Bud. I was thrilled to receive this one!

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