The Significance of Singing Fruit

The Significance of Singing Fruit

by Foster Cameron Hunter

A tomato.
Look at you.
Right now, you’re a tomato.
I mean you’re….
No wait,
wait, listen;

Early Saturday morning
as the sun’s tongues
lick the horizon,
caught in dawn’s initial
amber wash,
glistening and succulent
with dew, framed by plush
hunter green foliage
a tomato hangs full
and vine ripened,
crooning for the rapture
of the picker’s fingers.

refers from the word tomatoes in Faithless Husband by Liz Dolan

  1. Thanks Scot! I snagged this poem after hearing Foster read it at a local open mike. It is part of a series he is working on which is just fabulous!

  2. Absolutely def!!! It doesnt matter whats growing at the hands of man(with the Good Lord’s supervision of course), it’s always the maters that invokes such inspiration and emotion..I love it and I love you

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