A Natural History for Outlasting the Summer

A Natural History for Outlasting the Summer

by Jason Joyce

Thunderbirds in the summer
against greengreengreen
icicle lights on an extension cord
speaker plug in?
feather, one tooth key, on chains
Your neck
My neck
urban indie washes
bee sting
shark bite
twitter bug

flash bulb pop song
in the lemonade jar
ghost on the tree swing
gramophone ambience
She’s coffee and benzedrine
I’m the canary cage’s silky cover
flannel boyfriend fit
wooden deck
white paper lanterns
twisted metal hangers
chipped instruments
vintage teeth
seating placement
awkward owls
settle soon simple heart
worn down suitcase

refers from the word “she” in Telly McGaha’s poem She-Devil

  1. There’s a lot to see in this dreamy poem. I enjoyed the, “ghost on a tree swing”, and the line, “settle soon simple heart”. A very interesting collection of words!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Stacy! I also enjoy poems that have collage effect to them. Really lets you make your own narrative connections between the words.

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