Poem by Sherry Chandler
Art by Tom Williams

Johnny, the grease
monkey, falls
flying, navigates
by the seat of his pants
through low-rent
lower terraces
of a jungle
well to the east
of Eden.

A practical eye
and clever
the world
to his door

Let the holy ones
tongue prayers
for causes.
Let monks and hermits
wear hair shirts,
build and destroy
of crushed
and colored stone.

Earthy ones
have other fish to fry
and need
a better pole
to land them by.

Manichaean battles bore
mechanics, the bore
of the rifle does not.
They mesh the gears
and coil the springs,
give tongue to plows,
maniacal devotion
to the sprawl
of flying buttresses.

Johnny has no truck
with flaming swords
or lost gardens.
He is as spinach
to the gut of the world.

refers from the word fish in The Gull by Rose Auslander

  1. Wonderful poem! I love the connections to my story — at “fish,” but also at “flying,” here in “Clockwork”:

    flying, navigates
    by the seat of his pants”

  2. Glad you like it and the referral, Rose! This was a case where I selected the referral because I had Sherry’s poem from “Shape of a Box” and I just couldn’t leave it unpublished:)

  3. I’m glad there’s a nice referral, too, Rose and Jessie.

    Thanks for putting this out there, Jessie!

  4. Thanks for letting me find a home for it, Sherry:)

  5. How wonderful:

    He is as spinach
    to the gut of the world.

    Love it!

  6. Nice artwork to match a nice poem.

  7. Thank you Rose and Helen!

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