Heirlooms Without Heirs

Heirlooms Without Heirs

by Jason Joyce


A reel we watched at the picture house,
Our bones heavy from the smoke
From the day we spent
Getting drunk off your parents’ money.


Watching a friend’s band
Break-up on stage
Ears effervescent from the feedback
We debated how to make a living.


Searching antique stores and thrift shops
We found gold frames with paint flecking off
Holding portraits same as the ones hung
Upon your grandmother’s wall.


How the brown plants sat bargaining
Near the davenport, with late-bloomed flowers
Their leaves ground into tan carpet
By careless feet.


Dolled up, dressed according
To west coast weather stations
In yellows and grays, we saw the city fade
But forgot to leave a light on.


Painting the front porch scene
We brushed away
Slivers of serotonin and gold
Left upon our lips.


Near the car, off the boardwalk
We listened to a man
Who told us he talks to God
And we wanted to believe,
Because it’s possible
He might.

refers from the name “Gram” in Madeline Mora-Summonte’s story Rooted in the Past

  1. I really enjoyed this! I especially loved the title.

  2. I’m always fond of a good title since I have so much trouble titling my own work! Thanks for continuing to comment, Madeline 🙂

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