What I’ve Forgotten

What I’ve Forgotten

Poem by Cal Nordt
Art by Katie Nordt

I never forget my keys
or my grandmother

I remember having a
blank sheet of paper
come up in my first
reading as “Featured Poet.”

I held it up and said,
“This is called:
I Have Nothing To Say
and I’m Saying It.”

I remember my age and
forget it at the same time.

Who said being able to hold
two contradictory ideas in
the mind at the same time
is a sign of genius?

I think it was Einstein,
but I forget.

Someday when I’m dead,
I’d like to remember
everything – the human brain
has files for every event
we’ve ever been in on.

The human brain doesn’t
last long after death.

If my immortal soul is linked
to my transient body, would
it remember the rest of me?
Climbing mountains, woods
walks, welcoming babies from
my wife’s womb.

Or, it might remember
, or the traumas,
or the pain.

A soul again a blank page,
having lived in me in my
own form, picked up some
bad habits, forgotten them?

Will I be there? Maybe
in a small corner,
or not.

refers from the word “babies” in Darren Edwards poem I’m Not Yet Ready

  1. Funny, back-handed, and soulful all at the same time, Cal. Nice work!

  2. Thanks for being the first to comment, Jenny!

  3. I’m of an age to appreciate the wit and ruefulness and humanity of the really good poem!
    Thank you for it.

  4. I appreciate the compliments, Jenny and Joan. It’s nice to see it struck you the way it struck me.

  5. Cynthia ponder

    I’ve forgotten a lo but I love Katie’s art in evokes the spirit of your words so well.

  6. I came upon a photo of my grandmother, Grammy, taken just after she discovered that her second husband had pretended to not to be wealthy, when he actually had bought Xerox and Motorola and General Motors stock when they hit bottom in the Great Depression and kept the shares secretly and silently all those years. I realized just now that some of the thinking in this poem is from Grammy’s beliefs. This link might get a Facebook post of her picture. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154138826764627&set=a.402576499626.177977.852649626&type=3&theater&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&notif_id=1465703888327599

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