3, From Catalogue of Utilities

3, From Catalogue of Utilities

by Laressa Dickey

For shapes fit in the mouth, do they thank you, thin and wiry. You would bend  and say hello to them, because they could be exotic. I wish I were a fog with a point on top. Listen, if I say they might eat, just look at their mouths. I stick my hands in, I can hold it, a great idea. Walk each leaf. Treat as if by accident they are right here calling you; don’t you have food for them? Why did they go to water? You were something before you were a statue. They greet me and huddle. How are you, whispered as she bends to see herself. Where has her mind gone? She has focused her frown.

– refers to “If I wanted dessert I would have ordered it” from Check Please by Elizabeth Stelling.

  1. Oh I love this piece, the imginary thoughts unfolded…

    Chef E Stelling

  2. I love it when both authors involved in a referral are pleased 🙂

  3. I’m not usually one to comment, but I feel compelled. I truly admire this series. Thank you.

  4. Thanks so much, Dan! I was really glad our poetry editor found this set 🙂

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