To Terry With Stars In Her Pockets

To Terry With Stars In Her Pockets

by Juanita Garciagodoy

With shining spheres in the pockets of her jeans
and a flood of blond hair weighing to her waist
my very young sister is walking

Beneath her feet the cobblestones become carnations
open to receive the pistil spears she plucks out of her stars
and tosses into the fleshy cushions of the new flowers

Real and imaginary friends waken along her path and join her
Their eyes reflect the conscious water of her clean blue eyes
softly laughing

Is there a door into the sun
How can I
unchrysalize its seal

Years and days of earth of life of world
each coiled in its own cocoon
are waiting on her way

They will unfold their wings of light and darkness
to fly to her
for her
with her
Fortune will fulfill its promises

Snow-leaping princes with stars
in the pockets of their jeans
will be her sons and bear more light

For Terry, Stephen, and Michael Lamont

– refers to “creative spirit” from “This poem is free”
by Mindy Evans.

  1. Beautiful imagery 🙂

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Pam! 🙂

  3. Very touching poem. I loved the star imagery and the snow-leaping princes.

  4. Thanks for stopping by to read Rosalyn!

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