When wonder

When wonder

Poem by Laura McCullough
Photo by Rose Hunter

There on the hood of the dryer, all hum
and heat, legs folded, she sits like rebar
as if waiting for cement to rain down.
What thrums underneath is all that’s keeping
her alive, that and the corona around her
head that her boyfriend sees when he squints.
All this sound, this thrashing, rises around
her silencing the ache between her ears.
For a moment, she can be still. On the street
with his cigarette, he watches through the window,
the close to silent air humming about his head.

this poem refers from the word window in the short fiction piece If This is Crazy by Madeline Mora-Summonte

  1. Laura, thank you for referencing my story!

    I enjoyed your poem, and this part in particular – ” There on the hood of the dryer, all hum and heat…”

  2. Thanks for coming over to comment Madeline!

  3. What a miraculous poem. Will be trekking to read the story now…

  4. Glad to have you as part of the Referential family now Clare!

  5. Interesting poem. It really engages the sense of touch. I liked imagining rebar waiting for cement to rain down. Welcome to the Referential family, Laura!

  6. Thanks for commenting, Stacy. We have two more poems from Laura that will show up in the near future as well!

  7. There is something about this poem that makes me want to read it over and over again. It is kind of comforting in that it is a momentary stillness in contrast to the goings on in the narrator’s mind and the mind of the man outside the window. Is it about their relationship?.. It might also be that I can feel the “I” in the poem sitting on top the hot dryer. That is a relatable experience There is the spinning , the humming, the heat, the auric light, the cigarette smoke all the external things and there is a lot of spinning inside these people. All this activity is going on in the laundry room with a window. It is like a snapshot of a moment in time
    Love thrashing, hum, thrum.

  8. Elizabeth your comment is so thoughtful! Wonder if perhaps you’ll find something here to refer from yourself 🙂

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