Falling for an attached woman

Falling for an attached woman

by Tmothy Gager 

How high is that boundary? The sky?  A wire?

You know, I loved the circus, I tell you. I’ve talked of that man, the high wire artist.
I saw him, fall and die when I was only five. Immediately forgot it all except for the white sheet, and the public address announcement, “Please everyone, go home.”

I’ve talked specifically, a brown dog, because when you’re stuck, Billy Collins said,  put a dog in there. He’s correct…if life’s a poem. A soft chocolate lab would make a lot of us feel real damn good right now.

-refers from the line “skyscraper edges” in Shane Manier’s poem It is Because

  1. Wow Timothy! I loved this and never would’ve thought of it. Thank you!

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