Trade in Value

Trade In Value

by Teresa Kanago

My other body is a Porsche,

with sleek lines and perky headlights,

a leisure vehicle,

perfect for mysterious assignations

in silk by Christian Dior.

This station wagon you see is just a loaner,

With dings in the trunk and doors,

a hard worker,

Useful for hauling kids and large dogs

while my other body is being detailed.

-refers from “the Dior woman” in Rose Hunter’s poem Walking into The Wynn, Las Vegas and You Are Stitched Into

  1. Richard Allen Taylor

    Great! I love this poem.

  2. A metaphor I, in my current tractor-like state, can greatly appreciate. 🙂

  3. Oh this was too wonderful. I look like my car . .. peeling paint and rust. I don’t think detailing will work. Thank you!!!

  4. Oh this is brilliant! Love those perky headlights. A poem with a laugh and a serious message. Excellent.

  5. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to submitting more work here.

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