As I think of ways to pray

As I think of ways to pray

by Theresa Senato Edwards

I want to linger, touch doorknobs
again, prayer smoothes the turning
because knobs have teeth, knobs are open
that withstand repetitions. If only
I learned how to say the rosary, like a saint
affixed to a story, smoothing my fingers on
each bead. Did I say knobs have teeth? Did I say
each bead was repetitive? It’s the safest way to
pray without thinking too much. It’s the best
way to pray during radiation treatment: steady
with sincere asking. “Offer up!” is what
my friend said. Her brother’s a priest.

-refers from the phrase “I want to linger, touch doorknobs” in Bryan Borland’s poem The Day I Pack His Things

  1. This is so powerful to me. Thank you for writing it and sharing it here!

  2. Thank you for reading it and for your kind words!

  3. Love the line “because knobs have teeth, knobs are open/mouths that withstand repetitions”
    That is one fantastic line. I think, now, I’ve read the piece ten times and it just gets better with every reading. But that knobs line, yeah, that is potent and piercing. Nicely done.
    Beautiful piece. I keep reading it and then staring into space. Thanks!

  4. Hey, Josh,

    Thanks for reading, reflecting, and spacing out to my poem. Love that these few lines took you beyond to wherever it is that you went! LOL…



  5. Powerful. It begs to be read over again.

  6. The poem is smooth, polished and beautifully worn, like a doorknob.

  7. Valerie Senato

    great work sis! I will read again and again.

  8. Hey, thanks much for reading Lane,Val, and Dan! Appreciate you all taking the time to post a comment. Hey, Lane, I’m so glad your doorknobs are smooth, polished, and beautifully worn. Nice line, by the way. Mine still have teeth, I’m afraid. LOL…

  9. Loving all the terrific comments!

  10. I really like the cadence of this. It gives the tension an almost palpable dimension. Lovely and gripping Theresa!

  11. Thanks so much, Annmarie. I don’t know, something about Referential that ignites my improv skills and so much comes out in a short space. Thanks so much for reading!

    ps–I’m so glad we have met; we have Bryan to thank for that!


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