Her Bag of Bits

Her Bag of Bits

by Ellen Kline McLeod

Birth brings a baby and its bloody blameless bag of bits

soft scraps of rag, mirror pieces and rounded rocks

reaped by indiscriminate descent during generations.

Bag bursting or scant, spikes and gems or shell shards

where once a living thing began, ancient ocean tumbled

glimmering gathered time tiles, miles of dreams and ribbon

teeth, splinters and words open telling ship-bound trips

wedding dress lace embedded in supple skin, pelvis, face

pieces of bone and hard dried oatmeal, leather straps and

dried splats of blood, edged diamonds in latent pressure.

With offered tools of time and will, glue and hammer

the debris becomes mosaic, fragments strewn and hewn

her own self with effort crafted into something stunning

from the bag bits bartered and withheld to her benefit.

-refers from the word “shells” in the poem Leslie’s Shells by Richard Allen Taylor

  1. What a wonderful piece of art! Thank you, Ellen!

  2. I love this imagery! Great way to consider what is possible within the context of what we inherit.

  3. “something stunning” indeed!

  4. I am really enjoying all the great commenting here and on our Facebook fan page! Thanks readers!

  5. Beautiful. I read it aloud. It should be read aloud. Lovely.

  6. Absolutely Beautiful, the whole poem tumbles you through it’s imagery.

  7. I agree with Debbie – a work of art!

  8. Wonderful poems like this communicate emotion and share a memory. Love it.

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