by Dan Elman

The day you realize this is about logic and reason, and not just pretty words,
you will have an epiphany. You will look up epiphany
to see how it’s pronounced. Then you will look up etymology,
not for pronunciation, but to see where the hell
that came from on a page about something abrupt.
You will not see the connection, so you will look up connection,
then morbid. You will wonder why such a rotten word
has such a sweet taste. You will be so moved, you will look for taste
on every page. You will find only opinion. You will note
that opinion sounds open. You will see it contains
pin. You will find opponent, then ally. You will drop it
like onion when your eyes begin to water. You will look up
and when you do, you will find obvious. Sky
is familiar yet blank. So you look up down. Blink. As a matter of
fluster you will sit, and as you recline you will be lifted. Uncertainty
will land in U as if making love, as if the pronunciation key
were spellbound, and that’s when you decide that come
has much more to do with Kevlar than kite. You will magnify. Purity,
decay. You will let air through. You will tear the word Band-aid
out of the book. As if perforated you will sleep better.

-refers from the word “referential” on our About page

  1. Wow Dan! Now that’s how you do a referential poem! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. I think I love your brain.

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