Reverse psychology

Reverse psychology

by Simon Cowan

‘Close the door Gary!’
my father’s patience thinned
with each time he said those words
and my nephew walked out of our living-room
leaving the door open.

He wanted to keep the heat in, he said
which gave me a picture of an unruly dog
who, if you didnt’ confine it
would foul the hall
dampen the linen
or start devouring shoes, socks or ties.

But dad laughed with the rest of us
when my brother-in-law told his son
‘whatever you do
don’t close the door’
and it closed
with a defiant

-refers from the word ‘parenthood’ in the poem Painting Day by Cory Funk.

  1. ahaha! This one gave me a smile! Thank you, Simon!

  2. Thank you too, Debbie, I’m glad it made you smile. That’s one of my aims with my poetry. 🙂

  3. Jeanette Gallagher

    I love this wonderful poem! It reminds me of when my children were two years old and I wanted a kiss on the cheek – no way until I said “Don’t you kiss me on the cheek!” and of course you know the happy results. Thanks for the memory, Simon.

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