Her Cracking Open


Her Cracking Open

Poem by Ellen Kline McLeod
Photo by Karyn Eisler

the full moon cracks her open, a freshly laid egg

shell still wet with birth and things she does not

as a rule show trickle out sticky opaque yellow:

phrases of a preaching father, music from motion pictures

paragraphs in beloved books, acute rejections of lost love

befuddled beliefs garnered from years looking at living yet

she remains a life puddle poured out pondering

the remarkable travel from derivation to death.

-refers from the word egg in Annmarie Lockhart’s poem The White and the Yolk

  1. Love this!! What a way to crack open Monday! Fantastic imagery Ellen!

  2. I love this too! Nice aural elements throughout.

  3. especially loved:

    “shell still wet with birth and things she does not

    as a rule show “

  4. Amy Coquillard

    befuddled beliefs – great phrase – think I have had some of these myself.

  5. “a life puddle poured out pondering” . . .wow!:) Thank you, Ellen!

  6. Wow…had to read that a few times!! Each time I read it I discovered a new similarity! Awesome!!

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