Fitting In

Fitting In

by Dan Shapiro

The woman next door shaves her face
as she gets ready to sell cosmetics.
Her husband packs up his trapeze,
drives to his job on the mountaintop.
Their friend who tamed lions yesterday
performs surgery on a Siamese cat today.
Another friend lifts a 1-ton weight into his closet
before he goes to interview for a psychiatric job.
Yet another friend, who’d been sawed in half,
walks effortlessly to work at the prosthetics factory.
The clown applies flesh-colored makeup
over his white face and red nose to look human.
The arena that hosted so many friends last night
has grown lonely today. The circus has left town.

-Refers from “you’d never leave / the tent, either ” from the poem, The Contortionist Twists the Bearded Lady’s Words & Things Get a Little Hairy Between Them by Amorak Huey

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