(to Felicia)

by Karen Paul Holmes

Hugged you last night in a dream,
you said, Careful, my ribs hurt.
There was a time in college
when we knew each hurt
how it happened
or which crush caused it.
I fly to Miami to hug you for real.
Our laughs sway with palms,
thirty-two years melt into mojitos.

-refers from the phrase “school crushes” in Julie Ellinger Hunt’s poem Carried Away

  1. Nice poem. The last line is perfect.

  2. Congratulations Karen. I remember this one,
    and I like it.

  3. A poem that brings joy!

  4. This is a wonderfully evocative poem that makes me feel closer to all my dear friends. Thanks!

  5. Thrilled to see all the terrific responses!

  6. Maren O. Mitchell

    Makes me feel young again. May your ribs always hurt.

  7. short and sweet.

  8. a poignant poem, short but so full of the the richness of relationship and memory.

  9. You remind me that the “ribs” may hurt, but the memories never do. A great thought. Thanks, Karen.


  10. Thanks for all the comments! Glad you enjoyed the poem. Felicia just called me crying because she was so touched.

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