Will at the Circus

Will at the Circus

by Jessy Randall

The acrobats climb each other
so he climbs me
popcorn on the ground, mashed
cactus, dancing at the intermission,

insisting he’s not tired,
starting to cry,
he wants to go to the playground,
it’s getting dark.

“I liked that circus,” he says,
“I want to go there another time.”
Did he even notice the circus?
I don’t think so –

just the noise, and the
orange light of the tent,
and his sister laughing.

-refers from the line “the circus has left town” in Dan Shapiro’s poem Fitting In

  1. I am smiling, Jessy, and think I’ve lived this a few times! Wonderful poem!

  2. I have felt the unexpected tension of wanting to share things like the circus with my children only to discover that my circus and theirs are not the same thing. It is one of the sadnesses of parenting that no one warns you about. lol. But it does make for wonderful poetry! I liked this very much.

  3. I love the circus. This poem brings back that pleasure.

  4. Aren’t those last three things the best part?

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