Any Winter Sunday in Louisiana

Any Winter Sunday in Louisiana

by Clare L Martin

There is a woman
who brews a hurricane
in her bed, who makes love
as the gumbo simmers.

She is divine and divines she is
the circling cormorant
that dives into marshlands
and rivers then soars,
leaving snaking roads
in her wake.

Sweet cane burns
against the rising moon.
She roams with coydogs,
and is witness to the last
of the Red Wolves.

The woman dances
in the mud of the bayou
with alligators, nutrias
and snakes—

In the surf of the gulf
she scuttles: a blue crab pinching
toes of bathers and rides
salt-breezes—a gull’s
laugh on her back.

– refers from the word “cormorants” in the poem in the absence of stars tonight, gulls by Scot Siegel

  1. Love this: “Sweet cane burns/ against the rising moon” Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how you weave Cajin imagery into the Louisiana landscape. So you, Clare.

  3. This is an amazing poem, filled with imagery. Is there such a thing as state poems, like state birds and flowers? Well, this should be Louisiana’s. 🙂

  4. So magical and rich. I love it!

  5. Very powerful imagery, much admired and appreciated, thank you, WS…

  6. Thank you all and thanks Referential editorial team for nominating this poem for a Pushcart Prize!

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