Breakfast Pairings

Breakfast Pairings

by Andrea Beltran

Baked eggs in bread bowls
I can make babies in my heart, but not in my body

Almond-flavored coffee, sugar cubes, and cream
All this time, I kept thinking it was you, now we’ve wasted a year

Hand-squeezed grapefruit juice, pulp coating eggplant-colored glass
I know everything but how to say I’m sorry

Tri-colored berries trimmed in mint and orange zest
I will make my hands hold your hurt, though they can’t hold our child

-refers from the word “breakfast” in Richard Allen Taylor’s poem Domestic Advice to a Divorced Friend

  1. Jeanette Gallagher

    Great imagery! Heartbreaking poem that many can sympathize/empathize with and easily relate to.

  2. I am truly sorry my sweet, blue-eyed daughter.

  3. I love the pairings.

  4. I appreciate everyone’s feedback. 🙂

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