Losing a Husband

Losing a Husband

by Andrea Beltran

She said it was like watching a baby
being born, more vivid than even her own
sons’ births fifteen and seventeen years ago.
Harvested stem cells on donation arriving

intravenously, awaiting the moment
of acceptance. Regeneration possible.
She and her kids danced around
a hospital room, praising blood stream
and bone marrow. In three months

she would bury him. Held a celebration of his life
at The Improv down the street. He used to be
the sound man and she couldn’t stop listening
for his voice to come over the intercom
saying it was all a joke. All this

on a plane ride from Dallas to El Paso
where she told me she’d visit a friend,
and try to forget about death
in the colors and sound of the desert.

-refers from the word “desert” in J.P. Dancing Bear’s poem Spellbound

  1. It is unfortunate that life is not forever. We come to this earth and make our mark whether it be good or bad. Goodness should always over-shadow bad!

  2. Hi Andrea..A very sad commentary on losing those dear to us, and the ever present images of our mortality.This was so nicely done.Thank you so much.

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