Poetry I’m Not Liking

Poetry I’m Not Liking

by Andrea Beltran

It’s just me and the wind chimes
as I eat lunch on the back patio,
dogs at my feet longing for an accidental
drop of chicken salad. I’m reading
poetry I’m not enjoying and realize it’s just me
and the wind chimes and the water fountain
as I enjoy the sound of the water drifting down
and around the patina base, retracing paths
it’s trickled along before, reminding me
of sitting atop a forgotten ladder near a hidden
waterfall in Maui, watching my fearless husband climb
this waterfall, thinking I’d be content if I died
this day, in this scene, without ever having
children. It’s just me, and the poetry
I’m reading and not liking reclaims my attention
from the waterfall and I try to focus on the fountain
again, try to return to the waterfall
and the day I believed I’d be ok
without children.

-refers from the word “forgotten” in Tuere T. S. Ganges’ story Dishes before daylight

  1. Jeanette Gallagher

    Powerful and poignant.

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