The Oak Remembered from my Childhood

The Oak Remembered from my Childhood

by Clare L Martin

It was hollow and dying
having been struck
by lightning—

Our cousins
dared us to enter
its black maw.
Told us (and we believed)
it led
to other worlds.

Once it threatened
to fall, my uncle
doused it with gasoline
and set it on fire.

How glorious it was
to see it flame
like a living thing
against new night.

refers from the word “living” in the poem Her Cracking Open by Ellen Kline McLeod

  1. Love the blazing tree. This poem is great in datials but leads to our collective memory of happy childhoods.

  2. This has me remembering those times with my cousins,playing in the yard. Beautifully done!

  3. I agree with you Helen. Over this past Easter weekend, I too reminisced my childhood memories. Great memories 🙂

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