Elegy for the Lawnmower

Elegy for the Lawnmower

poem by CL Bledsoe
Photo by Nicky Yurcaba

“I wanted to write a poem
that you would understand”

about the weight of leaves falling
which compounds to push the ground

lower and lower, so I must stoop
more and more in order to mow.

There’s something sinister in
the indolent eyes of birds watching

for worms chopped up in the grass spray.
“Wandering a wooded path” may be
“free” but the cost of shoe leather

is murder. And my allergies.
I wanted you to understand,

but I can pare these ideas down only
so far before the meaning is lost

with the syllables. Find a window
and smudge it clean to see:

outside, it’s all green and dying,
growing to be killed again.

–refers from the first two lines of I Wanted to Write a Poem by Kirsty Logan

  1. Jeanette Gallagher

    I love this terrific poem! Poor guy has a problem but tells it with “tongue in cheek.” He has no trouble telling about the “indolent eyes of birds” and I can relate so well to paring ideas down before “meaning is lost with the syllables.” Great lines! Great poem!

  2. “the cost of shoe leather / is murder. And my allergies.”
    Oh so good! just loved it!

  3. Really loved the “indolent eyes of birds” too! And the way a task that is often rendered by poets in a pastoral way is explored here from more of a good, bad, and ugly perspective. Great job!

  4. Nice nod to William Carlos Williams. Very well done indeed.

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