Google me this

Google me this

by Devona R Wynant

I’m not a techno-geek.

Actually, I’m a Luddite.
But I’m not completely helpless.
I can Google.
Or so I thought.

Such a simple request….
an image.
A woman,
driving with the window down.
Or in a convertible.
Wind whipping her hair.
Side view.
Perhaps a French road?
Or not.
So …
why did I get
suggestions of
woman driving while shaving?
Woman driving while shaving in Florida?
Why did I get images of
a boxer hanging out a passenger window,
Two vultures, assorted hair dryers,
the rear view of two zebras,
a large rodent of a species new to me,
a multitude of women in burkas.
and one sick raccoon.

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
But no one told me it takes a thousand words
to find that picture.

-refers from the phrase “The woman next door shaves her face” in Dan Shapiro’s poem Fitting In

  1. I just adore this! Thank you Devona, for writing such a wonderful poem!

  2. Very nice, Devona.

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