Poem Noire

Poem Noire

by Joshua Gray

The depth of her absence
is my color of kala
now that the pure marble moon is new.

Well-lit street lamps
flood the aorta
of a city infested with fog.

These shiny black shoes
hide in the grainy asphalt
of this paling anxiety.

My wide open pupils fail to find
the iron bar suspended above
the rouge of her beauty.

The ladies never know
the detective
is the one not to know.

My charcoal-brimmed hat is tipped
toward the cold scarlet-stained concrete
of her fantasies.

And now I’ve witnessed the white thickness
as sleep everlasting
shadows her lips.

-refers from the photo Antimaterie by Dorothee Lang

  1. Nice one, Jessie & Joshua!

  2. Wow! Great addition to Referential! 🙂 Congratulations Joshua!

  3. Thanks everyone! Glad to have Joshua joining us 🙂

  4. Thanks everyone — and thanks Jessie!

  5. A wonderful eerie mood accumulate… Nice!

  6. Thanks Nancy!

  7. Beautiful and haunting…

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