Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning

by Annmarie Lockhart

waking to a goose parade
and following the story back
through psychodrama

to the original fairy tale
complete with the oven-tending
witch, the playboy gander,
and the stolen hen

lying lost in a pile of pillows
remembering with a bump
just where we left off

-refers from the word “parade” in the poem The Contortionist Twists the Bearded Lady’s Words & Things Get a Little Hairy Between Them by Amorak Huey.

  1. What a perfect little poem! Thanks Annmarie!

  2. Jeanette Gallagher

    Oh, I can see it all! How ’bout that playboy gander? Love it!!

  3. Terrific poem. Thanks for referring to my poem!

  4. Thank you for your generous praise my lovelies! It was fun to write and Amorak, your poem gave me so much inspiration it was really just a question of which of the many directions to go with it! Thank you Jessie and Jenny for giving us this creative treasure chest!

  5. Thank you for continuing to support our endeavor, Annmarie 🙂

  6. Great poem as usual, Annmarie. You and your work are amazing!!

  7. “and following the story back through the psychodrama”. What a gorgeous line, a beautiful attention-grabber…

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