Movies with my father

Movies with my father

by Alice Osborn


We head in different directions at the video store:
he to the rack filled with girls popping out of their bikinis,
surrounded by men wrapped only in sheets,
and me to the sci-fi/fantasy section, hoping
for a long-awaited release of Return of the Jedi.
But no such luck. We meet in the middle
on the neutral green carpet
where I can’t believe he wants both
Spring Break III and Hot Girls.
No, Dad, not those. They’re stupid movies, I say.
He tells me to shut up. I’m in charge here, not you.
He wins.


Dad takes me to the movies on Sunday summers,
and I pray there’s no kissing scenes.
I’m sure the whole theater hears him whisper
Liplock, liplock! Can the girl break away
from Captain Kirk or Superman or Indiana Jones?
No one cross lips again for the remaining
ninety minutes! I poke around in the popcorn tub,
feel the kernels sticking to my back teeth.

-refers from the word movies in Tuere T.S. Ganges short fiction piece The Death of an Astronaut

  1. I love this! and you get extra special credit for including a star wars reference.

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