Astronomy One-Oh-One

Astronomy One-Oh-One

by Eldon Turner

Some wise teachers say there’s a low hum rolling among
the stars. What if it’s a sonar sweep, the tone of a hunter
so large it’s beyond our vision’s compass. Oh, it’s big,
alright, the universe, full of myriad sounds, a static-like
electrical pop and hiss, which seems right on our tail:
soon, soon, too soon. When we go, we’ll fall into a
sound-bounce. Some mouth opens. A gigantic tooth
rends the sun. All of us, mere protein particles, slurped
into the gullet of a monster whose hunt even now
boggles our most dire and prescient musings.

-refers from the word stars in Rosalyn Marhatta’s poem The Color of Life

  1. I just loved the language of this! Great job, Eldon!

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